How to Open a Shared Design Space Project

Design Space allows users to share projects that don’t contain uploaded images with other Design Space users. This tutorial will take you through the steps of opening a shared Design Space file and saving it to your account.

A link to a file may be embedded in a website or blog post like in the example above from my blog, or the link itself might be shared in a message or social media post. Here’s an example of a link that isn’t embedded:

The next screen will be a preview of the project. If you already have Design Space installed on your device, click Open in App. You don’t need to download Design Space again. If you have never installed Design Space on the device you are using, you will need to click on Download App and check the box indicating you agree to the Cricut Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

After Design Space launches, click Edit a Copy.

Click Save>Save As.

The name of the project will appear in the title box. You can edit the title at this point. Then, click Save. The project is now saved to your Design Space account and can be accessed from by logging into Design Space at any time.

Here’s a brief video demonstrating this process:

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