Cricut Design Space Updates – March 2022

Version 7.3.95 of Design Space released on March 1, and the big thing users will notice has to do with generating text. The separate text editing box is gone, and text is now added directly to the text box on the design canvas. This solves the issue of not being able to find the text editing box on the screen!

Note: these changes don’t apply to the iOS or Android apps. This is for the version of Design Space that runs on laptop and desktop computers. Click here for a features comparison chart of the three different versions of Design Space.

This is the pop-up that you will see when you open to Design Space after it updates. Design Space updates are rolled out to users gradually, and updates are automatic. There is no way to force an update.

In-line Text Editing

Here’s the old way of editing text in Design Space.

In the new version of Design Space, click on the Text button, and you’ll see a blue box with the word “Text” in it. There’s no need to delete this word. Simply start typing your text.

Here’s a brief video showing how this works:

Bug Fixes

If you notice a Design Space bug that needs to be reported to Cricut, you can send them feedback here. Select App Feedback in the dropdown menu.

Check out Cricut’s release notes for more information on the new features and bug fixes.

23 thoughts on “Cricut Design Space Updates – March 2022

  1. I am using a Macbook Pro and after the last update I cannot add text to any of my projects, whenever I clidk the Text button the program seems to be loading the text to the workspace but nothing ever happens, any suggestions?

    1. same here and can’t get any help to fix it. If you call you’re on hold for 30 mins with no answer. Tried every way to get help some answers

      1. Did you ladies find a fix? I have the same issue with my mac as well and can’t get cricut on the phone to figure out a fix.

  2. I use my iphone & now it doesn’t work when you type a name example( Linda the a will end up under the lind) I hate this update & is not working for me !!!! the worse update!!!! I have called & they can’t fix it so what am i to do now????

  3. Since updating Design Space I have found that in the middle of creating my screen goes black and the only way to continue is to close Design Space which means that whatever I haven’t saved is lost. Very frustarting! Has this happend to anyone else?

  4. I hate this update!!!! I don’t have access my fonts anymore. I have always used my Android phone for everything. I just want the app to go back to the way it was! I was going to buy the Cricut maker 3 but since this app update I don’t think I will. If I can’t get my fonts back I will also have to cancel my subscription. I’m really sad but I want it to go back to the way it was? Is there a way for me to use the old app?

    1. There is no way to go back to a previous version of Design Space. In the Android app, tap “Text” and then you will see “Cricut | System | All.” Tap “System” to see the fonts installed on your device. Of the three versions of Design Space, the Android app has the least functionality. I highly recommend using Design Space on a computer (Windows or Mac) if at all possible.

  5. This update is awful! It was so easy before. I never had trouble. I only use it on my android phone. I don’t have a laptop. I can’t cut anything. It keeps saying error can’t retrieve payment information. It’s stuff I already own!!

  6. This update is horrendous!!!! And, it is on Android! Can barely use text now!!!! Thinking of opting it is subscription! Why does everything that works fine have to be upgraded! Very upset!!!!

    1. Make sure your computer’s operating system is updated. Then delete and reinstall Design Space. If you are still having trouble after doing those two things, you’ll need to call Cricut.

  7. Do you know if cricut changed the bold option? I am trying to match something I did in bold last year and bold isn’t available. So frustrating!!

    1. I haven’t experienced this issue with Cricut fonts. Some people have reported issues with the bold feature since the kerning feature was introduced. You can try using offset if changing fonts doesn’t work.

      1. Thank you. I’ll try that, although much more complicated than just clicking “bold”!

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