Cricut Design Space Basics: Project Sharing

Sharing Design Space projects you create with Cricut images is very easy!

After selecting the project, click Edit Project Details.

Next, scroll down to where it says, “Who can view this project?” Select “Anyone with link.” If you select “Everyone,” your project will be visible to all Design Space users in the Cricut Community. Click Save. A picture is no longer required to get a shareable link in the PC/Mac version of Design Space.

This window will pop up. Click Copy Project Link to save it to your computer’s clipboard.

From there you can paste (control/command-V) into a message or post. Please note: In order to protect the intellectual property of designers, Cricut doesn’t allow projects with uploaded images to be shared. This means that your project must only contain Cricut images for another Design Space user to be able to open and cut it. If your project contains any uploaded images, other users will not be able to open or cut it.

Here is a brief video demonstrating how to get a project link:

9 thoughts on “Cricut Design Space Basics: Project Sharing

  1. Any idea on how we can search for a specific Design Space member, like family member? I know how to follow someone who posts a link, and then follow their followers, I just can’t seem to search for my family

      1. any idea why someone can’t edit a project I shared with them via link? I have had no luck finding a solution for this.

  2. Why is the ‘anyone with a link’ the default? Before DS was upgraded to this version eons ago – I never wanted to share anything, because I rarely was on. Now I’ve got many creations and didn’t even know this feature existed. I feel the default should be ONLY ME – and then I can decide if and when I want to share with a link or with everyone. Now I have to check each and every one to confirm that it is NOT going to everyone. This isn’t right!

    1. “Anyone with link” means no one can see it unless you share the link with them. If you haven’t shared the link with anyone, you are the only one who can see it. If you have shared the link with someone, then only that person can see the project. The only way someone can see the project is if you copy the link and send it to them in an email or message. If you don’t want anyone else to see the project, don’t share the link with anyone else. The only way it will be shared with the Cricut Community is if you have “Everyone” selected. If you have “Everyone” selected, people who you haven’t shared the link with can view the project. There is no way to make “Everyone” the default, and there is no way your project will automatically be shared with people.

  3. If I share to Everyone on design space, can everyone access it or only people with a Cricut Membership? (If I didn’t use any Membership shapes or features in it)
    Because I’m happy to share what I made for others to make, but I don’t fancy Cricut making money off it

    1. Anyone can access your file in Design Space, with or without a Cricut Access membership. Keep in mind that if your file contains any uploaded images, it won’t be sharable.

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