Cricut Design Space Basics: Writing with Pens

The ability to write text on projects opens up lots of creative possibilities! I love using Cricut pens to write sentiments on the inside of my cards. There are many written sentiments already in Design Space, or you can create your own for a personalized touch. In this tutorial, I’ll show the basics of creating written text in Design Space.

Here’s a card that I designed. The front is layered and glued to the card base. The writing will go on the card base.

Select a Writing Font

First, click on the Text button on the left side, and then click the arrow on the font drop down menu in the Edit bar.

Uncheck Only Kerned Fonts. Click on Filters and select Writing.

With the fonts filtered to Writing, only fonts with a writing style will be visible. Cricut fonts are the only fonts with a writing style. (As of this writing, the free Cricut writing fonts are Adalaide, Algebra, Cricut Alphabet, Cricut Sans, Simple Celebrations, and Telegraph Text. The other writing fonts are included with the Cricut Access subscription.)

In the Style drop down menu next to the Font menu, select Writing. (This font, Birthday Bash, also has a Writing Italic style.) If the font selected only has a writing style, you can skip this step.

Do not change the Operation type. This will result in outlined or “bubble” letters. When Writing style is selected, the Operation type will change automatically.

Enter and Format Text

Type the text in the text box. Adjust the line spacing if needed.

If needed, click Alignment and Center.

Since the text is so large it’s off the screen, adjust the size by entering a new width and hitting “Enter.” Adjust the sizing using the double arrow if needed.

Attach Text and Score Line

The text and the score line need to be attached to the card base. Hold down the shift key and select the text, the score line, and the card base in the layers panel. Then, click Attach.

The attached set will be moved to the front. If you want to send it to the back, click Arrange and Send to Back.

Cut Project

After clicking Make It, the mat layout will appear on the Prepare screen. The tools needed will be listed in order.

Here’s the Design Space link for this project. Some of the images are from a Sesame Street image set which is not included in Cricut Access. The font, Birthday Bash, is included in the Cricut Access subscription.

These fonts are currently free to use without a Cricut Access subscription.

Writing with pens doesn’t have to be limited to cards! Here’s a shadow box project where I used pens.

Here’s a short video that shows this process:

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