Cricut Design Space Basics: How to Search for Images

There are well over 225,000 images available in Cricut Design Space. There are also many “Ready to Make” projects available, with Cricut images, a supply list, and step-by-step instructions. The “Ready to Make” projects include Design Space images, but there are thousands of Design Space images that aren’t part of the “Ready to Make” projects.

If you are searching for images, you need to make sure you are searching images and not projects.

Design Space for iOS devices

If you are using the Design Space iOS app (iPhone or iPad), the first screen you will see when you open the app is the Ready to Make project screen. There is a search bar at the top of this screen. Entering a search term here will only search the Ready to Make projects. So, if you are searching for an image, don’t search here.

To search for images in the iOS app, tap Canvas at the top of the screen.

Now, tap Image in the lower left corner.

Enter a search term in the search box. I searched for “Happy Birthday” and got 5,120 results.

To narrow the results, tap Filters For this example, I filtered by Art Type to Draw Only. This will limit the results to images that can be drawn by the Cricut with a pen/marker or with the Foil Transfer Tool.

Setting a filter reduced the number of search results to a much more manageable 290 drawn images.

Design Space for PC/Mac

When you open Design Space for PC/Mac and click on “New Project,” you’ll be on the Canvas screen. On the left side, you’ll see Projects and Images. Again, don’t click on “Projects” if you are looking for “Images.”

Searching Projects for “dinosaur” gets 21 results. These are all projects that include dinosaur images.

Searching Images for “dinosaur” provides 123 results.

Every image in Design Space has an image number. If you have the number of an image, like #MDCCD369, simple enter that into the image search. Be sure to include the “#” sign in front of the image number.

I highly recommend searching for Image Sets to narrow your results. Sometimes, getting to an image set related to a search term will help you find a better image than doing a search of the entire Cricut image library.

9 thoughts on “Cricut Design Space Basics: How to Search for Images

  1. Is there a way to go back and search for an image once you have it inserted in your canvas? For example, let’s say yesterday I inserted a bunch of images into a project. Then the next day I want to search for related image in that set. Is there a way to get the image number or a way to identify that image so I can go back and look in “images” for that same one? THanks, I like your search tips and tricks.

    1. Normally, you could right click on the image in the layers panel, go down to the bottom and select Image Info>View Image Sets and see all the images on the image set that the image comes from, but that feature isn’t working right now. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the next Design Space update.

      1. Did you ever find an answer. I have an existing image that was shared with me and I am trying to find it in cricut.

  2. Thanks for the super quick reply! I tried that and couldn’t find that type of info. Good to know that it does exist and hopefully will be included in the next update. I ended up looking through “Stars” to find the one I wanted, which was in the 90’s Image Set. You can imagine I searched for a couple of minutes.
    You’re great, thanks!

  3. Is there a way to search for multiple characteristics at once? For example, I am looking for maybe an owl wearing a chef hat to cut for a t-shirt iron-on. 701 results for owl. 954 for owl chef. I’m just trying to see if what I’m looking for exists before I try to draw it myself.

    1. Searching “owl + chef” may give you better results, but there aren’t any images exactly like that in Design Space. I think your best bet will be to add a chef’s hat to an owl.

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