Design Space Project: Easy Classroom Valentine

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Making classroom Valentines for your kids or grandkids is a great way to get familiar with your Cricut. I did them when my son was younger, and it was a lot of fun creating something unique together.

This “punny” Valentine is easy to do and will give you experience using write then cut. You can personalize them in Design Space or make duplicates and personalize them by hand. This project will cut free with a Cricut Access subscription.

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Personalizing the Cards

When I did these for my son’s class, I personalized them in Design Space for each child. Since there is a lot of writing on these, I recommend splitting the project up into several files. Writing creates lots of nodes which can slow Design Space down.

To personalize the text, detach it from the scalloped square and click on the text. After entering your text, select both text boxes and the scalloped square clicking each one by holding down the shift key, and click “attach.”

If you want to personalize them by hand, simply delete all but one of the Valentines. Make some space after the “To:” and reattach both text boxes to the scalloped square. Increase the number of copies by increasing the number in the Project Copies box on the Prepare screen.

The middle image can be layered or done with print then cut. If you want to do print then cut, select all the layers of the image and flatten. Attaching the middle image with foam squares will add dimension.

My son wanted a rock image on this version, and so I used one that is from a Frozen image set. I included a rock image that is part of Cricut Access in the project file.

Apply Mini Action Wobbles (optional)

I made some more of these and added some Mini Action Wobbles this time for a fun little touch. This video shows me placing the wobbles on the project.

The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my disclosures here.

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