Increasing Project Copies in the Prepare Screen in Cricut Design Space

When I make a card for someone, I often make two of the same card so that I can add one to my stash. If I’ve taken the time to select all the materials for a card, it doesn’t take that much longer to make two.


Making duplicates of a project is very easy in Design Space. After I hit “Make It,” Design Space goes to the Prepare screen. I use the up arrow next to the Project Copies box to increase my quantity to two. Then, I click “Apply.”


Design Space will automatically increase the quantities of all my images and arrange them on the fewest number of mats. With this card, the base is too big to get two on a 12″x12″ mat, but two copies of the top piece of the card can fit on one mat.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 11.05.24 PM

I’m going to use some pearl paper scraps, and so I’ll move them to the sides of the mat in order to place the scraps easily.


Here’s what my actual mat looks like. It won’t make any difference to the Cricut that I’m using two separate pieces and colors of pearl paper. 🙂


I decided to use letter size cardstock for the card bases, so I won’t have as much left over. I can change my material size in the drop down menu. I don’t necessarily have to do this, but it gives me reassurance that my image will fit on my material without having to go back to the design screen to check.


When I change my material size to letter size for the first mat, it automatically changes the material size for my other card base copy.


The mat that is selected when you click “Continue” will still be selected when you get to the cut screen. So, if I have mat 3 selected, when I go to the next screen, it will cut mat three first. If I’ve been editing the mats, it’s important to double-check to make sure I’m doing the correct cut on the correct mat. (I’ve made this mistake many times.)

Cut pieces ready to assemble:

Finished cards:

Materials used: Cream cardstock, Cricut pen (Midnight), and Cricut Pearl Paper (Forest Pearl and Lilac Pearl)

Click here to view the project in Design Space.  The sentiment is not included in the Cricut Access subscription.

Here’s a short video demonstrating these functions:

11 thoughts on “Increasing Project Copies in the Prepare Screen in Cricut Design Space

  1. GREAT information. Written tutorials are my favorite. I learned a new trick (changing size), and rememered how to do an old one- setting designs to colored mats.

  2. I am making 4 of 1 Easter project but after Make it & applying the 4 ~ it does not show all the mats even after cutting the 1st 10 or so mats.

  3. I have a Cricut Joy. When I increase the project copies, I have to reset the design on the card each time. For example, if I am using a front cover design that is horizontal, I want the inside message to be horizontal too. With the multiple copies selected, I have to edit each copy so that the text lays horizontal. Would you happen to know how to avoid this? Thank you!

    1. Since the design isn’t attached to anything, it’s going to move to save space. Combined with the fact that only one design can fit on the mat, this situation isn’t a good use case for increasing project copies. It would be better to cut the mat multiple times rather than increasing project copies in this situation.

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