Celebrate the Day Image Set in Cricut Design Space

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Write then Cut is wonderful for writing personalized sentiments or phrases on cards and other paper projects. There are also some beautiful images in Design Space that the Cricut can draw for you.

All of these cards are from the Celebrate the Day image set, which is included with the Cricut Access subscription.  If you are using cardstock with a textured side and a smooth side, be sure to put the textured side down on the mat. The drawing results will be better when done on the smooth side.

I used my new Cricut black glitter gel pen on the Tricks and Treats card and was really pleased at how it turned out.

Tricks and Treats Card #M474397D

I had a jack ‘o lantern button that fit perfectly on the spot in the card, and so I cut the shank off the back with wire cutting pliers and put a 3D glue dot on the back to fill the hole and stick it to the card.

Tricks and Treats Card #M474397D

For the baby card, I used the Midnight Cricut pen. Also, two of the layers are paper rather than cardstock to reduce the thickness of the card.

Sweet Baby #M7EC729B

This birthday card uses six different pen colors to embellish the design. I used a combination of Cricut pens and Pilot Precise V5 pens. These pens fit nicely in the A side of my Explore.

I used the Cricut black glitter gel pen again on the Thank You card. A regular black pen would work well too, but I like the little bit of shimmer the glitter pen gives.

Thank You Card #M4772E46

If the pen you are using isn’t fitting snugly into the accessory holder or if it’s popping out, you can wrap some washi tape around the bottom to get a better fit.


If you’ve never used the pen feature on your Cricut, these cards are a great way to get started and create some fun projects to share.

The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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