Attaching Written Text in Cricut Design Space

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Write then Cut in Design Space is wonderful for writing card sentiments and short phrases on your projects. There are many write/draw then cut images already in Design Space, or you can create your own written text using a font with a writing style.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to bring up all the projects in Design Space that use pens. Searching for “draw” will yield over 300 drawn images.

Searching for “sentiment” is a good way to find phrases for the inside of cards. Many of the Anna Griffin cartridges have sentiments that are ready to use. A sentiment on the inside of the card is such a nice added touch.

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Attaching is the way we tell the Cricut where we want the writing or drawing to go. If you click “Make It,” and your writing goes to a separate mat, you haven’t attached.

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Design Screen – Score line and sentiment are attached to the square.
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“Prepare” screen – Since I attached the writing to the images, they stay in place at this point.

Important: If you want a font for text that looks like it was written, you need to select a “writing style” font. These are all Cricut fonts. With non-Cricut fonts, the pen will follow the cut lines, which will produce “bubble” or outlined letters.

Keep in mind that written text cannot be welded at this time.

There are a few free fonts that have cut lines that will produce the appearance of single line if written with a marker or thicker pen.

When selecting a font, go to filter, then select “Writing.”

For more information on Linetypes, click here for the Cricut help page.

Here’s a link to the project in my video:

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