Using the Fine Debossing Tip in the Cricut Maker

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The Fine Debossing Tip adds dimension and detail to cardstock, foil poster board, foil cardstock, foil kraft board, poster board, kraft board, basswood, and more. I often find that the embossing folder that I want to use isn’t big enough for my project, but that’s not an issue with the Fine Debossing Tip. Plus, I can deboss any design!

This Sympathy Card from Dreaming Tree is an ideal project for the Fine Debossing Tip. The center panel is too big for most of my embossing folders, and I found an image in Design Space that was perfect for debossing on it.

Supplies I used:

Preparing the Design

I found this Swirl Vine Pattern on the Drawn Card Patterns image set. This set has several images that are perfect for debossing.

After inserting the image, I changed the Linetype from “Draw” to “Deboss“.

Obviously, the image is too large for the panel. I can’t slice the debossing image and keep the design intact. I could attach it to one panel and let the Cricut cut off the part that won’t be used, but since I am going to make two of this card anyway, I duplicated the panel, put them together, and aligned them at them at the top.

I unlocked the padlock and adjusted the debossing design to fit on the two panels. I locked the padlock back before attaching.

Now that the debossing design is attached, my project is ready to cut.

Cutting the Project

Since I duplicated the debossed panel in the design screen, I’ve got four panels after on the Prepare screen when I increase the number of project copies to two. I clicked on the three dots and hid the extra set of panels.

Debossing a design like this will take a long time. This one took over 30 minutes. After debossing and cutting is complete, the cardstock will be really stuck to the mat, and so a spatula tool is needed to carefully remove the cardstock.


The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here

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