Design Space Print then Cut Valentine Coloring Cards

These little coloring cards in Design Space are perfect for kids to give to their friends, especially if they aren’t allowed to give candy. The Ready to Make project uses the write then cut feature to draw the images and sentiment on the cards, but in this tutorial, I will show you how to convert them to print then cut to save time when producing a larger number of these.

To find the cards, go to Projects, and search for “Valentine” or “Color.” You’ll have to scroll down a little bit to find them. There are actually a couple of different coloring card projects, but the one called “Valentine Coloring Card” has all images that are included in the Cricut Access subscription.

First, select one of the three cards and detach.

Then, detach the crayon holder tabs from the rest of the card.

Select the card, click “Arrange,” and send the card base to the back.

Next, hide the crayon tabs by closing the eye in the layers panel.

The next step is to flatten the image and the card layers to make them one printable layer. Drag a box around the card and images and flatten. (You can also select them in the layers panel by clicking each one while holding down the shift key.)

Unhide the crayon tabs, click the “Arrange” button again, and select “Send to Front.”

Select the card and the crayon tabs (two items) and attach. Repeat the process for the other two cards. You can also substitute other images or text.

If you size the cards 3.25″ wide, you will be able to fit three to a page, and still have the holes big enough to put the crayons through. You can fit four to a page if the cards are 3″ wide, but you will need to make the holes bigger. I recommend cutting these on the cardstock for the intricate cuts setting.

Here’s the link to my file with the cards already sized to 3″ x 4.439″.

Hope this helps!

8 thoughts on “Design Space Print then Cut Valentine Coloring Cards

  1. Such cute cards! I absolutely love them!! I have a Cricut access subscription and these cards are not available 🙁 and the link to your file says that it’s been saved as private.

  2. Thank you! The trouble I’m having is when I flatten to the card- my print image disappears and I only have the card and crayon holder-

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