Cricut Design Space Intricate Cut Setting

I think one of the best features of the Explore and Maker machines are all the different settings available in Design Space. I found it frustrating on previous machines to set the pressure, depth, and speed manually for every cut. The Cardstock (for intricate cuts) setting is one that I use often.

If your machine is tearing or dragging through your material, this setting is one of the things that Cricut’s help site suggests to remedy the problem.

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On the Explore machines, you’ll find the intricate cut setting under “Custom Materials.” Turn your Smart Set Dial to “Custom” and select “Cardstock (for intricate cuts)” on the Project Preview screen. You can find more information on using custom settings here.

On the Maker, you can simply search for “intricate” and select “Cardstock (for intricate cuts)”. If you want to add it to your favorites, just click the star.

Cardstock for intricate cuts differs from the regular cardstock settings in two ways: 1) It uses less pressure and 2) It cuts twice.

I cut this rectangle with a scalloped edge first on Medium Cardstock, and there was one spot where it didn’t cut all the way through and the edges are a little ragged.

I cut it again on the same spot on the same mat, but this time I used the intricate cuts setting. The result was a much cleaner cut.

Here are some projects where I’ve used the intricate cuts setting.

You can find more information about settings here.

Here’s a short video showing how to find the intricate cuts setting:

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you. I was so frustrated but found your blog. I never heard anyone talk about this setting before. It worked beautifully.

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