Cricut Design Space Changes – January 2019

When you log into Design Space following the recent update, you will notice some things have moved around. You’ll be prompted to take a tour.

Here’s a quick look at some of the changes:

Linetype Location

The cut, draw, and score symbols are gone and have been replaced with words. You’ll change the linetype in the drop down on the edit bar at the top of the screen.


Changing Image Colors

The color box has also moved to the edit bar, and it’s right next to the linetype menu. Click on the color box, and the color menu will appear. You can pick one of the basic colors, or click the arrow next to “Advanced” for the color picker or to enter a hex code.

The Color Sync panel is unchanged.

Pattern Fill

Pattern fill is so much easier now! Under the fill menu, change the image to print.

Then, click on the color box. Select “Pattern” from the print type drop down.

Select a pattern. You can filter by color. Check the “My Patterns” box to limit results to patterns you have uploaded.

Patterns are large files and may take a few seconds to appear.

For more on the pattern fill feature, check out Cricut’s video.


The process of flattening is the same, but you will get “Cut | Print” in the layers panel rather than the printer symbol.

Image and Font Information

It’s now easier to find image, image set/cartridge, and font information. Right click on the image or font in the layers panel, and then hover over “Image Info.” Click on “View Cartridge” to see all the images on the cartridge/image set.

There’s more information about these changes on Cricut’s website, and even more on Cricut’s blog. Hope this helps!

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