Penguin Gift Tag/Ornament

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I just love these print then cut penguins from JGoode Designs, and I used one a couple of years ago to make gift tags for my son’s class that could be used as ornaments. These images are included in the Cricut Access subscription. There are several different themes. You could make tags for Christmas gifts or for Valentine’s treats.

The file I created is here, or you can follow the steps below to create the project yourself.

Supplies I used:

To create the back of the tag, I took the penguin image and duplicated it. Note that this is already a print then cut image, and so it comes into Design Space already flattened.

Then, I clicked on the Fill drop down, and changed it from “Print” to “No Fill.”

Next, I changed color to white.

I flipped the image horizontally, so that it would match up when glued to the back of the printed tag.

I attached a tiny circle for the twine to go through at the same time I attached the text.

Here’s more information on attaching written text.

If I were making a bunch of these, I would make the backs in one file, and then use a separate file for the fronts. I could make the copies in the project copies box on the prepare screen for the fronts.

I adjusted the image position on the second mat so that I could just flip the mat around to cut the back piece.

I used my Mega Runner to put adhesive on the back of the tag back.

Before sticking the pieces together, I put the twine through the small hole in the back.

The tag could go around a small gift or candy bar. Here is the file:
Just detach the written text and click on it to customize it.

The font I used is Cricut Sans, which should be free for everyone.

Happy crafting!

The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my disclosures here.

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