Design Space Project: With Deepest Sympathy Card

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The new Cutaway Cards for the Cricut Joy are a neat way to make a quick card. There are lots of great designs for them in Design Space that are included in the Cricut Access subscription. To find these designs, search Image Sets for “cutaway.” If you don’t have a Cricut Joy, these designs can be easily adapted to make with the Explore or Maker machines. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make one of these cards with a Cricut Explore or Maker and adhesive vinyl.

Preparing the Project

I chose this image (#M356C17CD) from the Sympathy Cutaway Card Elements image set. The words and flower centers that would be cut out of cardstock on the Cutaway Card will be cut out of vinyl. The links to this project are at the bottom of this post. Here are the steps to make this card from scratch:

After adding the image, click on the shapes button and add a square. Make it 8.5″ x 5.5″. This will be the base for an A2 size card.

Click on the Shapes button and insert a score line. Make the score line 5.5″. Select the card base and the score line and attach. (I also added “Made with Love by Lydia” to the back in this step.)

Insert another square and make it 4″ x 5.25″. This will be the card front.

Insert a frame if desired. I used Overlapped Rectangle, #M1869921C. I did one version with my Maker and the Debossing Tip, one with a pen, and one with the Foil Transfer Tip. Move the image to the front and size it to fit in the frame.

While holding down the shift key, select all the pen layers and the card front (purple square). Click Attach.

Right click on the sentiment in the layers panel, and select Bring to Front. This layer also contains the flower centers. (The project will still cut correctly without this step, but I like to see what my finished project is going to look like before clicking Make It.)

There will be three mats on the Prepare screen. The first will be cut out of vinyl or HTV. The other two mats will be cut out of cardstock. Design Space will ask for the scoring wheel or stylus and the pens when needed.

Supplies I Used:


It’s very important that the blade in the machine is new when cutting this design out of vinyl. If the pieces don’t get cut all the way through, change the blade. Don’t forget to remove the middles of the letters with the weeding tool.

Use a piece of transfer tape that has been used before or that has been stuck to a piece of clothing to remove the excess stickiness. Press the areas of the transfer tape with the vinyl down lightly with a finger. Don’t burnish the entire transfer tape onto the cardstock as this could damage the cardstock. Gently peel back the transfer tape. Smooth the vinyl down with a finger to make sure it has adhered to the cardstock well.

Here are the links to my Design Space files. This project will cut for free with a Cricut Access subscription.

With Deepest Sympathy Card with Pens or Foil


Here’s a brief video showing the steps for this project:

The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my disclosures here.

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