Design Space Project: Swirl Heart Valentine’s Day Card

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I was asked recently to make 40 Valentine cards for our church’s homebound member ministry. I wanted something fun, but also something simple that I could easily mass-produce.

About the Design

I made this card a few years ago with an image from the Holiday One-Cut Gallery Art image set. I liked that image, but it would take quite a long time to cut forty of those.

I searched Design Space for a different image and found this free image set I had uploaded from LoveSVG some time ago. The swirly heart was perfect for this card.

Another change I made to my original design was to add an insert to the inside. I was afraid that the recipients might not be able to see the writing on the red background, and so I put a white piece of cardstock in the insert slots. The card could also be re-used by removing the insert. I was concerned that this would add extra weight, but none of the cards were over an ounce, and so they won’t require an extra postage.

I have included a score line in this project, but I didn’t use it when I cut the cards I made. I didn’t want to switch my blade and scoring wheel on each card base, and so I hid the score line and used my scoring board to score each card base.

Another thing I did that I don’t normally do is run two machines at the same time. It sure made this project go faster!

Supplies I Used:

Preparing to Cut

Here is the link to my Design Space file. This project will cut for free with a Cricut Access subscription.

If you want to use my original design with the image from the Holiday One-Cut Gallery Art image set, simply “unhide” it in the layers panel by clicking the eye and hide the other cover piece which has no image.

If you want to use the free image from LoveSVG, upload the set to Design Space, and then delete or hide the images you don’t need.

Select the image and click Arrange>Send to Front. Position the heart on the front card piece. Select the card piece, the heart image, and the sentiment. Click Align>Center Horizontally. Then, click Attach.

Note that the heart and the cover piece will turn the same color, but the heart will still cut out. Slicing is also an option here, but it does involve more steps and is not as easy to reverse.

Here are the three versions I did with shimmer cardstock and glitter cardstock:

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