Cricut Joy Troubleshooting: Writing with Pens

There is a current bug with Design Space when using written text with the Cricut Joy selected as the machine. This issue can be fixed easily with just a few clicks.

If a yellow triangle appears in the Layers panel, click on it to see what the issue is. If it says “Pen incompatible. Change pen selection,” a pen color needs to be selected.

In the Edit bar, click on the box next to Pen. It will have a question mark in it. When the pen and color selection menu drops down, pick any color. It doesn’t have to match the color being used.

Once the pen color is selected, the yellow triangle will disappear, and the project can be drawn and cut by clicking Make It.

Check out this post for more information on using a Cricut to write/draw with pens.

Here’s a brief video showing how to do this:

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