Cricut Joy Troubleshooting: “Project Incompatible” Error

The Cricut Joy is a great little machine, but it does have some limitations. If your design exceeds those limitations either in size or functionality, you may get a “Project incompatible” error when you open the project. Here is some information on how find what the error is and to resolve it.

If you get the “Project incompatible” pop-up, just click Customize and click the yellow triangle, which will be on the layer or layers that have an issue. The pop-up will tell you what the problem is.

Image is Set to Print then Cut

The Cricut Joy doesn’t support Print then Cut. Only the Cricut Explore Family and the Cricut Maker can do print then cut.

To change the image to cut, select No Fill under Fill on the edit bar.

This issue can be avoided with PNG and JPEG files by choosing Save as a Cut Image when uploading the file.

Image Too Large

The Cricut Joy has a much narrower cutting width than the other machines. However, with Smart Materials, the Joy can cut a continuous shape or repeated cuts up to 4.5 inches wide and 4 feet long. When using a cutting mat, the Joy can cut up to 4.25 inches x 6.25 inches, or 4.25 inches x 11.75 inches.

Incompatible Tool Selection

I got this error by selecting “Joy” for my machine and then opening a project that uses the Wavy Tool, which can’t be used with the Joy. Changing the machine selection or modifying the Linetype will eliminate this error message.

Happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “Cricut Joy Troubleshooting: “Project Incompatible” Error

  1. Thank you so very much!!! This article helped me get my cricut joy up and running using a file that was my own! This was a great help and I hope you know that you’re appreciated!

      1. When I click cut image instead of print then cut it distraught my image and the lines go wonkey any idea what I can do

      2. It’s really hard to say without seeing a screenshot. I would either upload it again and save it as a cut file or convert it to a SVG file either with a graphic design program or an online converter.

  2. i changed it to CUT and now my image is grey. it still won’t let me separate out the layers for different colors to print on. how do i do that? my logo needs 2 different colors. is this not possible on Cricut Joy?

  3. I received project incompatible on text I was trying to write. Clicked on the yellow triangle and it said incorrect pen. That is extremely strange and the pen in the machine was the black pen that came with the machine. I have written text before and I made sure it was within size for the Joy.

  4. I’m trying to print something off my cell phone and since I got the Cricut Joy i havent been able to print anything. It’s saying everything can’t be printed. Please help me learn how to use it and what website do I go to online to print? I downloaded a app that cost me $10 that I can’t even use because my computer has to be a different kind. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I’m getting so mad!

    1. The Joy doesn’t have the print then cut function. If you are trying to cut, Cricut Joy can cut an individual, continuous shape up to 4.5 inches wide and 4 feet long, and repeated cuts (like stars, hearts, and confetti) up to 20 feet long with Cricut’s *SmartMaterials*. With a cutting mat, Cricut Joy can cut up to 4.25 in x 6.25 in (10.795 cm x 15.875 cm), or 4.25 in x 11.75 in (10.795 cm x 29.845 cm).

  5. I am wanting to print then cut some files to make stickers. I know that the Joy does not do “print then cut”. Is there anyway around this?

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