Cricut Design Space Basics: Group

Grouping allows you to move and size images, layers, and/or text together on the design screen in Design Space. It doesn’t affect cut placement.

Move and size images, layers, and/or text together

In the above example, the two images are grouped. This allows me to resize them together, either by dragging the arrow at the bottom right or by entering measurements in the edit bar. I can also easily move the group around the design screen. Remember, the design screen is not a representation of your cutting mat.

Hide Group

Closing the eye” on a group of images will hide all the images in that group. This is particularly helpful when working with projects with a large number of small images.

Why Not Attach?

Attaching the images will keep the images together in the design screen and hold cut placement, BUT it will turn the images the same color and put them on the same layer/mat.

Ungrouping Text

When generating text in Design Space, it will automatically be grouped. In order to move letters individually, the text will need to be ungrouped. Once text is ungrouped, it has been converted to images and can’t be edited. Here’s how to adjust letter spacing.

Text can also be ungrouped to lines. With the text selected, click Advanced the Ungroup to Lines. The lines can be moved closer together or rearranged before attaching to hold cut placement. Alignment and distribution can also be adjusted.

If you have ungrouped to adjust spacing, you’ll need to group again to keep it together. As you can see in the above example, if you try to center the text on an image without grouping it, you won’t get a very good result.

Once the text is grouped, the image and the text and be selected and centered.

Here’s my video demonstrating this feature:

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