Cricut Design Space Basics: Write then Cut / Draw then Cut

The Write then Cut / Draw then Cut feature opens up lots of possibilities for embellishing and personalizing your projects. Your Cricut uses a pen or marker to write on an image to be cut. This feature can be used for writing text or drawing images on cut shapes.

Writing Text

First, let’s write on a tag and cut it out. This technique is also great for short phrases and sentiments on cards and other cardstock projects.

  1. Start by choosing a base image to cut. Go to the Images tab and search for “tag.” If you want, filter Ownership to “Free” in order to narrow the choices. Select the image and click “Insert Images.”

2. Save the project. Don’t forget to periodically click “Save” to keep from losing your work.

3. To easily position the text where I wanted it, I chose to rotate the tag 270 degrees. This put the shape in the position I wanted for writing.

4. Then, to add text, click the Text icon and click the down arrow next to the font name.

5. Next, click “Filter” and select “Writing.” This will show only the fonts that have a writing style. If you do not pick a writing font, you will end up with bubble letters, which you probably don’t want.

I selected the Cricut Sans writing font. Simple Celebrations and Cricut Alphabet are also free to use without a Cricut Access subscription.

Enter your text in the text box. Make sure Writing is selected in the drop down under Style.

6. With the text box selected, center the text (if desired) by clicking on Alignment>Center. Move the text box on to the tag. If you want to adjust the letter spacing, I have more information on that in this video.

7. With the tag and text selected, click “Attach.”

8. Now that Design Space knows where to write the text, the tag is ready to cut. Click “Make It.”

9. On the Prepare screen, the number of copies can be increased if needed.

To increase the number of copies, click the up arrow until you get to the desired number, and click “Apply.”

10. After selecting the material setting, Design Space will ask you to load the pen and the blade. If you’re using the Explore One or the Cricut Joy, Design Space will ask you load the pen first, and then it will draw your letters, pause and ask you to load the blade.

TIP: if you are using textured cardstock, put the textured side down on the mat so the writing will be done on the smooth side.

Press the “Go” button when you are ready to write and cut.

Here’s the completed project!

This video demonstrates how to make this tag:

Drawn Images

Design Space has so many beautiful drawn images. They are already set to draw and attach to a cut image.

Draw then Cut works very similarly to Write then Cut, but you don’t have to go through font decisions – they’re ready to make.

It’s very easy to find drawn images in Design Space. Go to Images>Browse All Images. Under “Art Type” check “Draw Only.” Enter a search term in the search box.

Select the drawn image and the cut image and attach.

Happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “Cricut Design Space Basics: Write then Cut / Draw then Cut

  1. Hi! Is there a way to draw an image (for example a mason jar) and have the cricut cut on the outer edge of the jar? For example_ I have downloaded a mason jar svg file and it has details on the jar (like a “glare” and the “ridges” where the lid screws on. I dont know how to just cut a mason jar shape without it thinking I want all the details cut out too. I also dont want to just cut a square around the drawing either? I hope this makes sense!

    1. You would need to create an offset in a graphic design program like Inkscape or Sure Cuts a Lot 5 and attach the drawn image to it. This feature may be coming soon to Design Space.

  2. Very helpful thank you. Can I duplicate the tag shape on the canvas but put different text in each of them, and have them cut and write from one piece f card.

  3. Have just found these instructions while trying to make place cards for my daughters’ wedding. It worked perfectly. Thank you so much

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