How to Find Image Sets (Cartridges) in Design Space for iPhone and iPad

The latest version of the Cricut Design Space iOS app (version 4.6.1) has enhanced filtering for images. I’ll walk you through steps for finding Image Sets, formerly known as “Cartridges.” (My screenshots are from an iPad, but the steps are the same for the iPhone.)

First, on the Canvas screen, tap the Images icon in the lower left corner.

Next, tap Highlighted Categories.

Under Highlighted Categories, tap Image Sets.

You can now view all the available image sets – over 3,000. To narrow the results, tap Filter in the upper right corner. (This used to be a funnel icon.)

I checked Purchased, which will only show me image sets that I have purchased in Design Space or in a digital Mystery Box. I’ll also see images from physical cartridges that I linked to my account.

Now the only image sets I see are ones that I have purchased. The green dot by Filters indicates the number of filters I have selected.

Here’s my post about finding Image Sets in Design Space for PC/Mac.

15 thoughts on “How to Find Image Sets (Cartridges) in Design Space for iPhone and iPad

  1. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this!!! I was so frustrated trying to find my cartridges on my iPad. Thank you!!!

    1. This works on my IPad but not on my laptop. On my lap top when I tap on images there is a different list than on my I pad. I can not find image sets anywhere

  2. Thank you for this info. I uploaded 10 cartridge sets when I got my explore air 2. I don’t know how to find a specific set or an individual letter, words etc. can you advise me how to do that? I can’t remember the names of the sets. Wonder if there is a way to find what I own.

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