Design Space for Desktop Update Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble opening shared projects, are getting stuck in a login loop, or Design Space is giving you a blank screen, you may not be using the latest version of Cricut Design Space. The new version of Design Space is a program that “lives” on your computer, and it should update automatically. However, for some reason, some users have gotten stuck on version 5.4.10.

This problem is easily remedied by uninstalling the old version of Design Space and installing the current one. Once you have the current version of Design Space, it should update automatically.

6 thoughts on “Design Space for Desktop Update Troubleshooting

    1. It’s hard to say what’s going on without more information or a screenshot. Make sure you are moving your letters or images together until they touch, selecting all of them, and then welding. Keep in mind that unless you are connecting cursive text or combining images, you don’t need to weld. Attach holds cut placement.

      Here are two of my posts about welding:


    2. I cannot even get the download page to come up. When I click on cricut design soace to download for the first time, all I get is a blank page. I had no issue downloading it on my other laptop. This laptop is newer but has windows 8.


      1. Windows 8 is getting close to end of life. Security updates ended two years ago. I would definitely recommend upgrading to Windows 10. You also might want to check you internet speeds and ping and compare them to what you are supposed to be getting with you plan.


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