“Help! I keep having to download Cricut Design Space for Desktop!”

By now, you have probably downloaded Cricut Design Space for Desktop. This new version of Cricut Design Space is a program that “lives” on your computer. The program is still online, but if you disconnect from the internet, you can design and cut with images and fonts you have downloaded before going offline. This is really helpful if you take your computer and Cricut to a crop, on vacation, or anywhere else you can’t be on the internet.

Can I use Design Space for Desktop on my Laptop?

Yes, as long as it’s a Windows or Macintosh laptop! Cricut Design Space still does not work on a Chromebook.

The previous version of Cricut Design Space was only available online: not a standalone program. It was used inside an internet browser like Chrome or Firefox.

How do I get Cricut Design Space for Desktop onto my computer?

If you click on the icon you used to use before you downloaded Cricut Design Space for Desktop, it will take you to the website, where you will see two buttons.

The white one is “Download,” which will download the Desktop App to your computer. If you have already downloaded Design Space for Desktop, you don’t need to download it again. It updates automatically, so you always have the latest version.

The green one is “Open.” Clicking that button will open the Desktop App.

Below is what the old icon for Design Space looked like:

If you have already installed Cricut Design Space for Desktop, you can safely delete the shortcut to the old web version without losing any of your saved projects.

To quickly switch between your web browser, Cricut Design Space for Desktop, and any other programs open on your computer, hold down Alt and press the Tab key in Windows. Mac users can press CommandTab.

How to launch Design Space

Since Cricut Design Space for Desktop is a program on your computer, you open it like any other program like Microsoft Word or Mail. Cricut has easy-to-follow instructions here.

WINDOWS 10/11:

When I installed Design Space for Windows, this shortcut appeared on my desktop. I can double click on this icon to start Design Space. Note that this icon is different from the browser shortcut. This logo is green with no background.

Another option is to go to the Start menu and right click on “Cricut Design Space.” You’ll get the option to “Pin to Start.” If you click on “More,” you can “Pin to taskbar.” Pick whichever option works best for you.


If you are using a Mac, you have also have several options. You can go to “Applications” and open Design Space.

Once Design Space is open, you can right click the icon in the dock for more options.

I really like keyboard shortcuts, and so I usually hit Command-Space and type in the first few letters of the program. Be aware that you may also bring up some old plug-ins for the browser version. Click on the green Cricut logo and not the white one, and you’ll be fine.

I hope this helps you use the new version of Design Space! Happy crafting!

6 thoughts on ““Help! I keep having to download Cricut Design Space for Desktop!”

    1. This article does not answer the question Why do I have to keep downloading cricut. Am I missing something?

  1. I have to completely uninstall and reinstall cricut from the website every single time I want to use it. I have spent a LOT of time on the phone with Cricut and they have no idea why it’s doing that and suggested clearing the cache and un/reinstalling the app.

    1. It’s hard to know what to suggest without knowing all the things you’ve tried and more information about your operating system. If you have cleared the application cache (https://help.cricut.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040718434-Design-Space-for-Desktop-Clearing-Application-Cache), deleted and reinstalled DS and are still having trouble, I would wipe the computer completely. Obviously, you would need to backup your files to an external hard drive first. Also, make sure your computer exceeds the minimum requirements for Design Space: https://help.cricut.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009556033-System-Requirements-Design-Space.

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