Free Design Space Project: Simple 2020 Calendar

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Every year, Cricut makes a free calendar available in Design Space, and this year, there are two. The Simple 2020 Calendar is an easy and practical project for beginners. It uses the drawing feature of the Cricut Explore or Maker. There are so many ways you could customize and embellish this project.

A stand for the calendar is also included in the image set. This project will cut for free with or without a Cricut Access subscription.

Supplies I used:

Setting Up the Project

The beauty of a project or image that is already in Design Space is that there is very little if anything that needs to be done to it before cutting. All the writing is already attached.

I did attach circles so there would be holes cut in the calendar base. Here’s a link to my project with the extra holes added:

I did rotate the images on the mats and combined some mats in Mat Preview to save cardstock, but you don’t have to. (Don’t worry, the Cricut can write sideways!)

Cutting and Assembly

I used a Midnight (black) Cricut 0.03 tip pen for the writing on the calendar pieces.

I used a silver glitter gel pen on the stand because that was one of the few pens I have that will show up on black. The writing on the stand is for assembly directions and won’t show on the final product.

I used a small amount of Art Glitter Glue to stick the fronts and backs of the month pages together. This step isn’t totally necessary, but I thought it would look better when all the months were together.

The stand assembly is pretty easy. I folded the stand on the score lines and put double-sided tape on the flap with the writing and glue dots on the tabs.

I flipped up the bottom tabs and put some glue on the bottom flap before closing the stand.

After threading the tabs through the slot, I put glue dots on the tabs to hold them down.

After assembling the stand, all that I had to do was put the rings through the stand and the calendar pages. You can open my project in the browser version of Design Space, or you can insert the images from the Simple 2020 Calendar.

The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my disclosures here.

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