Lori Whitlock Project: Hand Sanitizer Holder

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Every year, I do “holiday happies” for my son’s school teachers, school administrators, and church teachers. This was a total of 26 people this time! It’s a challenge coming up with something that can work for men and women and also for church and school.

This year, I used the Snowflake Hand Sanitizer Holder from Lori Whitlock. It holds a personal size hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, which I ordered in bulk.

Supplies I used:

After I clicked “Make It,” I increased the project copies to 26, hit “Apply,” and waited for it to tell me how many mats it would be. I will say 28 mats was a lot, but I used Fast Mode, and it went fairly quickly.


I did the assembly over several days and used a variety of different adhesives on this project.

I put the glitter snowflakes on the circles first, using Art Glitter glue in an Ultrafine Tip Applicator bottle. I put very small dots of glue on each snowflake. This was the most tedious part of the whole project.

Next up were the boxes that hold the hand sanitizer. I used glue dots and double-sided tape, which is what I usually use for 3D pieces like this.

The tape runner made quick work of sticking the front and back panels as well has the circles with the snowflakes.

After I put the inside box on each base piece with the tape runner, it was time to call in reinforcements. My husband and son added the Starbucks cards and hand sanitizers and helped tie them closed. (We used a glue dot to stick the Starbucks cards to the bases.)

I used Write then Cut with a Cricut gel pen to create the tags for the gifts.

You can find Lori Whitlock’s assembly video here.

The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my disclosures here.

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