Cricut Design Space Changes – July 2019

The introduction of new tools for the Cricut Maker has brought some changes to Design Space to help users have the options appropriate for their machine(s).

Machine Selection

After installing the plug-in update, you will be prompted to select either the Cricut Maker or the Cricut Explore Family of machines. This will give you the applicable functions for the machine you are using. Design Space will remember the machine you selected the next time you log in.

Here’s more information on machine selection from Cricut’s help site.


If you have a Maker, you will notice the options for the new tools have been added to the Linetype drop down menu. Explore users will still see just Cut, Draw, and Score.

Here’s more information on Linetype selection from Cricut’s help site.

Error Messages

You may get some error messages you haven’t seen before now. If you have a print then cut image that is too large (greater than 6.75″ x 9.25″) you will see a yellow triangle in the layers panel. Once you reduce the size of your image, the triangle will disappear. You can see how I eliminated this error message in this video.

If you open a project that has an issue, you may get the “Project incompatible” message. Just click “Customize” and look for the yellow triangle, which will be on the layer with the issue.

I got this error with a Ready to Make project.

After clicking “Customize,” I found that there was a large group of images attached together that would be too big to fit on the mat.

Once I detach the images, the warning triangle disappears.

I got this error by selecting “Explore” for my machine and then opening a project that uses the Wavy Tool, which can’t be used with the Explore. Changing the machine selection or modifying the Linetype will eliminate this error message.

Cut Settings

New tools mean the Cricut Maker can cut an even greater variety of materials. Lots of new settings have been added, and some old ones have changed names. A search of the settings for “fabric” will yield 154 results! You may find some materials you didn’t know the Cricut could cut!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I don’t recommend using the “Heat Transfer” setting under “Iron-on” as it tends to cut through the HTV and the carrier sheet. This setting now has the words “non-Cricut” after it. In my experience, what is now the “Everyday Iron-on” setting works best for most regular HTV, including Siser EasyWeed.

If the name of a setting that was in your favorites changed, you will need to add it to your favorites again.

I hope this information helps everyone adjust to the improvements to Design Space. I’ll update this post as I find more new features!

7 thoughts on “Cricut Design Space Changes – July 2019

  1. I draw my own sketches on procreate and once I send it to design space I get the message my logos are for tshirts and it’s a massive process to go back and forth with different programs. Do you have an answer for this.

    1. I’ve never heard of Design Space giving the message that images are for t-shirts. Your best bet is to save your image as a SVG if possible.

      1. Everytime I go to print it is asking me to checkout, despite using fonts I’ve already bought.
        I have loads of work to complete and cannot do it
        I’ve contacted cricut twice and no reply!!!
        Anyone with information, customers waiting

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