“Help! My Cricut cut through my vinyl and my carrier sheet!”

When cutting adhesive vinyl or heat transfer vinyl, a “kiss cut” is used to cut the vinyl but leave the carrier sheet or backing intact. If your Cricut cuts through the backing, there are usually one of two possible issues.

Wrong Blade

If you’ve just replaced your blade and are having this problem, you probably have the wrong blade. The Explore Series and the Maker use the Premium Fine Point blade. These blades come with a white or red cap. The Fine Point Blade (formerly “Standard”) is slightly longer and will cut through vinyl and carrier/backing sheets if used with the newer machines. These blades have gray caps and are labeled as being for the Explore, which makes things confusing, but just make sure to get the Premium Fine Point blade with the red or white cap (one blade per package).

Blades on display at Michael’s

Visit this Cricut help page for more information about blades.

Wrong Setting

Since there is no dial on the Maker, you will either search or scroll the settings to find the one you want. There is a setting under Iron-On called “Heat Transfer (non-Cricut)” Don’t use it. It cuts too deep and will cut your carrier sheet. I’m not sure what material it would cut well, but it will cut too deeply for most brands of heat transfer vinyl. Use the “Everyday Iron-On” setting under the “Iron-On” category.

I hope you can avoid these issues and have lots of fun with vinyl! If you haven’t tried reverse canvas yet, here’s my tutorial.

3 thoughts on ““Help! My Cricut cut through my vinyl and my carrier sheet!”

    1. You’d have to experiment with settings as the machine isn’t designed to do that. You could try the HTV setting. I wouldn’t recommend cutting through the carrier sheet because it will make transferring difficult.


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