“Help! My Cricut cut through my vinyl and my carrier sheet!”

When cutting adhesive vinyl or heat transfer vinyl, a “kiss cut” is used to cut the vinyl but leave the carrier sheet or backing intact. If your Cricut cuts through the backing, there are usually one of two possible issues.

Wrong Blade

If you’ve just replaced your blade and are having this problem, you probably have the wrong blade. The Explore Series and the Maker use the Premium Fine Point blade. These blades come with a white or red cap. The Fine Point Blade (formerly “Standard”) is slightly longer and will cut through vinyl and carrier/backing sheets if used with the newer machines. These blades have gray caps and are labeled as being for the Explore, which makes things confusing, but just make sure to get the Premium Fine Point blade with the red or white cap (one blade per package).

Blades on display at Michael’s

Visit this Cricut help page for more information about blades.

Wrong Setting

Since there is no dial on the Maker, you will either search or scroll the settings to find the one you want. There is a setting under Iron-On called “Heat Transfer (non-Cricut)” Don’t use it. It cuts too deep and will cut your carrier sheet. I’m not sure what material it would cut well, but it will cut too deeply for most brands of heat transfer vinyl. Use the “Everyday Iron-On” setting under the “Iron-On” category.

I hope you can avoid these issues and have lots of fun with vinyl! If you haven’t tried reverse canvas yet, here’s my tutorial.

28 thoughts on ““Help! My Cricut cut through my vinyl and my carrier sheet!”

  1. What setting should I put it on if I want it to cut through my carrier sheet, for say permanent vinyl

    1. You’d have to experiment with settings as the machine isn’t designed to do that. You could try the HTV setting. I wouldn’t recommend cutting through the carrier sheet because it will make transferring difficult.

  2. I received a Maker for Christmas and am having a terrible time getting my machine to cut permanent vinyl. I am trying to cut a small quote and it does not cut all the way through. I have tried vinyl with different pressures without success. Any suggestions?

    1. If it’s a Cricut product there will be a specific setting for it. Keep in mind that it should not cut through the carrier sheet. The vinyl will be cut and the carrier sheet will remain intact. Small lettering doesn’t do well with vinyl. You can try multiple cuts on the washi tape or washi sheet setting, but if the letters may need to be bigger and/or a thicker font used.

  3. Thank you for this post! I have been trying for two days to cut an image out in HTV and Siser Easyweed and my Maker keeps cutting through the backing, even when I chose Everyday Iron on and changed the pressure to Less. I’ve wasted two rolls of vinyl! I’m going to give it one more try.

    1. Jodi – I’m having the same problem. I have the correct blade and the correct settings, but it’s still cutting about 1/2 of the design carrier sheet on the light pressure. I was fine, cut some cardstock with other blades, put the correct one back in and now I’m having a problem. What did you do and did it work?

      1. Susan, if you are using the Premium Fine Point blade with the white cap and it is cutting the carrier sheet, you need to call Cricut.

  4. I was literally sobbing because my machine was cutting through both layers of my HTV and I was on a deadline for making my grandson a t-shirt for his birthday. This article saved my sanity!!!! Thank you!!!

  5. Hi there! I have an Explore Air and never had any cutting issues with my machine until I switched the blade to a standard one (grey cap).. I see that you recommend the fine point with the white cap. Is that the same as the German carbine premium blade (red cap)? At this point, I’m at a loss in terms of what blade I need to use for my Explore Air without it cutting through the transfer.. (I’ve already wasted 3 sheets of HTV)

  6. Life saver! Just purchased a cricut maker and was trying to use htv, kept cutting through my project. I had the wrong blade! Going to purchase correct blade tomorrow…as it is 1230 am….as I now can go to sleep! So glad I found your website!

  7. Is there a way to change a setting after? I have a maker and bought replacement blades (now turns out they are the wrong ones) and can’t return – any suggestions?

  8. Thank you so much for this post. I was using ‘Heat Transfer Non Cricut’ for Cricut setting and it was cutting through all the layers. Your suggestion to leave on Cricut Everyday Iron On solved my problem!!

  9. Thank you so much for your post! I have an issue where it cuts with uneven pressure no matter what I cut. Specifically it cuts deeper on the left side but only scores the right, so if I’m cutting the letter ‘O’ , the left side has cut right through but the right side has barely scored the surface. Any thoughts on this?

    P.s I’ve replaced the blade already with a premium fine point blade.

  10. have you found any lighter cutting settings for the explore air 2 using a standard blade? i just bought them not knowing that they don’t work with my machine and am really bummed it’s cutting through htv. my store has a no return policy about cricut items :/

  11. Hello Lydia, i sure hope you can help me…i spoke with cricut for over an hour and they could not help. i cut quite a bit of vinyl for making word signs…i have the maker. i changed the fine point blade and it now cuts all the way through the backing and scores the matt lightly…i changed the blade again, thinking it was possible something wrong with it…then i switched to a premium fine point blade and it still cuts too deep. i used the “less” selection on the pressure and it did cut a little less deep, but still through the backing…i have always selected the “vinyl” choice, and even used a professional grade sign makers vinyl and it cut completely through that thicker vinyl as well…

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t think I will be able to help you. I can’t see what’s going on. You can try test cuts with different settings, but I suggest calling Cricut back and asking for a technician. They can run diagnostics on the machine.

    2. Jeannie
      Did you find a solution? I’m having the exact same problem. 4 calls to cricut and after updated firmware… still no luck

  12. by mistake I used the vinyl setting rather than the iron on setting. I use the easy press and the vinyl looks fine. This is a baby gift and I want to make sure there will not be any issues regarding my error. what is the difference between vinyl setting and iron on setting? Thank you for your help. I will hold off sending gift until I confirm all is fine.

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