Christmas Animals Christmas Cards

Christmas Animals Cards for your Cricut!

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These Christmas Animal Christmas Cards from from one of the new Design Space image sets that I just love: Christmas Animals. The colors in used in Design Space for these images are warm and incorporate lots of non-traditional Christmas colors. All the images are included in the Cricut Access subscription.

I created a set of five cards with some of these images. Click on the card pictures or names to go to the Design Space file for each card. These Christmas Animal Christmas Cards will all cut for free with a Cricut Access subscription.

Supplies I used:

Christmas Bear Card

The Christmas Bear Card has a sentiment on the front as well as on the inside. I used the Chloe Whimsy font on the front, and it can be easily changed if you wish.

My custom-made "Christmas Bear" card.

Christmas Penguin Card

A custom-made "Christmas Penguin" card.

The Christmas Penguin Card has a sentiment on the front from the “Anna’s Christmas Cards and Embellishments” image set. Some of the ornament pieces are a bit fiddly. It helps to keep them on the mat until time to place them.

Christmas Deer Card

I used the same colors for the Christmas Deer Card, and so I included it in the same file as the Christmas Penguin Card so they can be cut at the same time. If you don’t want to cut both cards, hide the other card in the layers panel. This card has a sentiment on the inside, which can also be hidden before cutting if desired.

A brand new custom-made "Christmas Deer" card.

Christmas Cat Card

A Christmas Cat card for your Cricut.

I made the Christmas Cat Card so that the cat can be removed and used as an ornament. The slits can be hidden before cutting if you don’t want to make it a detachable ornament. There is a sentiment on the inside of this card.

Showing the layers of the Christmas Cat card in Design Space.

I spread the layers on on the design screen to serve as a guide while I assemble the card.

The card is assembled by stacking from the bottom to the top. Again, it helps to leave the smaller items on the mat if possible and take them off when it’s time to apply glue and place them on the project.

This cardstock and fishing line turn this cool cat card into a Christmas ornament.

A medium glue dot, a piece of fishing line and a scrap piece of cardstock on the back turn this cat into an ornament.

A close-up of the cardstock corner on the Christmas Cat card that holds the ornament in place.

I included a small piece in the file that can be used to secure the ornament to the card. I applied glue dots to the ends and put it over the ornament after tucking the ears in the slits.

Christmas Hedgehog Card

The easiest card in this collection is the Christmas Hedgehog Card. Because the hedgehog had lots of tiny pieces, and I didn’t want to have to deal with that much assembly, I used “print then cut.” I used photo paper for more vibrant colors.

A "Christmas Hedgehog" custom Cricut card.

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