Cricut Design Space Updates – October 2021

Cricut has made some great improvements to Design Space with the release of version 6.15 of Design Space for PC/Mac. Note: these changes don’t apply to the iOS or Android apps. This is for the version of Design Space that runs on laptop and desktop computers. Click here for a features comparison chart of the three different versions of Design Space.

This is the pop-up that you will see when you open to Design Space after it updates. Design Space updates are rolled out to users gradually, and updates are automatic. There is no way to force an update.

My favorite new feature is the ability to save favorite images to use later.

To add an image to your saved images, click on the ribbon in the lower right corner of the image preview.

To view the saved images, go to Images and check the Saved filter on the left side of the screen.

Check out Cricut’s release notes for more information on the new features.

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