Using Wavy Blade in the Cricut Maker

Wavy Blade quickly adds a delicate and decorative edge to projects made with the Cricut Maker. This tool uses the QuickSwap Housing and can be used on a variety of materials including cardstock, paper, vinyl, and even fabric!

If you have previously purchased the QuickSwap Housing for the Scoring Wheel, Engraving Tip, or Fine Debossing Tool, you don’t have to purchase a new housing. You can use the same housing with Wavy Blade.

Preparing the Design

To change the frame on this card to a wavy cut, select it in the layers panel.

In the Edit bar, click on the Operation drop down and select Wavy under the Cut options.

When the frame is cut by Wavy Blade, the “valleys” will be slightly inside the frame’s measurements. This can make it difficult to cover the rectangle underneath completely with the frame.

This is easily solved by making the white rectangle just a bit smaller.

Cutting the Project

After clicking Make It, Wavy Cut will be indicated on the Prepare screen.

Note that some cut settings will be unavailable to use with Wavy Blade. After selecting the cut setting, load Wavy Blade and press the Cut button on the machine.

Here is the Design Space file link for this card project.

Here’s my video demonstrating this technique:

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