Design Space Basics: Copy/Paste between Projects

It’s now possible to move images and text between projects in Design Space. If you have an image or text that you’ve edited and want to copy to another project, it’s easy to just copy and paste between open Design Space windows.

Select all the layers of the image to be copied. This can be done by either dragging a bounding box around the image or clicking main grouping in the layers panel. The press Control (Windows) or Command (Mac) and “C.”

To open another Design Space window, simply go to the top menu and click File>New Window.

Select the new Design Space window by clicking on it.

Press Control/Command-V to paste the image in the new window.

It’s also possible to move multiple images at the same time.

To select all the images on the canvas, click the “Select All” button in the Edit bar or pressing Control/Command-A. Then click Command-C to copy.

Select the new window, and press Control/Command-V to paste into the new Design Space window. Save both projects before closing the windows and quitting Design Space.

Here’s a brief video demonstrating this process:

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  1. Hi. It looks like with the recent updates this is no longer possible. Is there maybe a different way? It’s crazy frustrating that design space won’t allow us to combine projects.

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