Star Wars Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Christmas Card

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Our family is really enjoying the second season of The Mandalorian. I came up with this Christmas card to send to friends and family who also love the show.

You certainly don’t have to use all the different materials or adhesives I used. I enjoy using a variety of materials, and I like different adhesives for different situations. This card could easily be done with regular cardstock and good crafting glue.

The images are from the Star Wars – Mandalorian: The Child image set and other sets in Design Space. This Star Wars image is licensed and not included in the Cricut Access subscription. If you don’t own the image set, the image will be $1.99 to purchase. The other images and the font are included in the Cricut Access subscription. If you don’t have have a Cricut Access subscription, you could replace those with images and a font you already own.

As I do with most cards, I assembled this from the bottom up, starting with the inside piece that has the “This is the way” sentiment written on it. Next, I put the tan background piece on the front of the card.

I used glitter HTV on this piece with the Mandalorian and the child so I didn’t have to position the stars individually. However, you could also choose to do this with layered cardstock or as a print then cut. Before applying the HTV, I preheated the EasyPress Mat so the HTV would uncurl and lay flat. I used a Cricut Iron-On Protective Sheet over it to protect the vinyl. You can also use parchment paper or a Teflon sheet. I used the Interactive Heat Guide instructions for glitter iron-on on cardstock, and pressed for 30 seconds at 290 degrees.

I went ahead and assembled the Santa hats and glued them to the black and white layer before finally attaching it the whole picture to the card base with my tape runner.

Click here to open this project in Design Space! (Remember, if you don’t own the Star Wars image, you’ll need to purchase it before you can cut this project.)

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The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here

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