Cricut Design Space Changes – March 2020

Cricut has made some great improvements to Design Space with the release of version 5.7.20 of Design Space for PC/Mac.

Note: these changes don’t apply to the iOS or Android apps.

Image Filters and Searches

“Cartridges” has changed to “Image Sets”.
New users to Cricut have likely never seen a cartridge, and so this will probably alleviate some confusion.

There is a new landing page when you click on the “Images” tab.
As you can see, you can browse categories, themes, occasions, etc. I particularly like to see what’s “trending” in the Cricut world. There are so many creative crafters out there!

If you click Browse All Images, you’ll get to the above screen. The left side lets you choose different filters to narrow down the images that you see. Some of these filter options are completely new, and some have been in previous versions of Design Space in different forms.

I entered the search term “Happy Birthday,” which got me just over 5,000 results! However, because what I really want is to draw “Happy Birthday” on the inside of a card, I expanded the “Art Type” menu and chose “Draw.”

Filtering to “Draw” brings my results down to a way more manageable 362 results. The most relevant results are displayed first.

Filtering Ready-to-Make Projects by Machine Selection

This change may not be as obvious if you only have one machine. When you log into Design Space for the first time, it makes you choose a machine.

Now, when you click on the “Projects” tab and view the “Ready-to-Make” projects, you will only see projects that are compatible with the machine you have selected in the upper right corner. In the above example, I have “Explore Family” selected. This means I won’t see anything that requires one of the Maker’s adaptive tools like the Perforation Blade or the Knife Blade. I also won’t see any projects designed for the Cricut Joy.

Here, I have the Maker selected, and so I can see and search projects that I can create with my Cricut Maker.

This picture shows the projects I get if I select the Cricut Joy. I won’t see any projects that exceed the size limitations of that machine.

It’s important to note that this only applies to the Ready-to-Make projects, and not the projects you have created in the “My Projects” section.

Cricut’s release notes have more information about these and other changes introduced with this update.

I hope this information helps everyone adjust to the improvements to Design Space. Happy crafting!

19 thoughts on “Cricut Design Space Changes – March 2020

  1. Really hate these changes. I need the cartridge option. Where is my search field on iOS for each category. I am really upset and can’t find anything. Help!

      1. Many of the cartridges that are linked in my account don’t show up using this process.

      2. I have a cricut maker. I have selected projects, selected my machine and selected my ready to make projects. I am seeing projexts for the machine I do not have.

      3. I’m not having that issue. You don’t have to to Ready to Make projects at all. I would log out of Design Space, shut down your computer, and then restart your computer.

  2. Hello I have notice a lot of the social site that I follow people are asking which is better Cricut or Silhouette ? Most of them are leaning toward the Silhouette . Due to the fact that Silhouette will allow one to print a larger print. Circut has a limit on print and cut. It would be a great feature if the software was update and allow for prints. It is a draw back with this software. Please consider this option. Thank You,
    Jeannie Patterson

  3. I am really confused with the desktop version. I have probably 50 Cricut cartridges that were all linked a year or two ago and now I can’t find one in the Images. I filtered every which way possible. I checked “purchased,” I checked “uploaded” and “downloaded, each on their own. Then I tried clicking all three. EVERY time, 3 items show. One isn’t even my image. Its an ad for Cricut All Access! WHY??? Do I need to contact Cricut Support? Maybe its a glitch?
    Awesome tutorial, thought. Super helpful!!!

  4. I am using Cricut Design Space V5.11.57. It only allows me to save for offline. When I return to my project, I can no longer customize or make further changes, It only gives me the option make it. How can I save my projects and go back customize them?

    1. It’s a current glitch. If logging out of Design Space and restarting your computer doesn’t work, open your project on another device like a phone or tablet, and save it with a new file name. You can also go to to save the project with a new file name.

  5. I cannot get a decent print and cut image. Every mat is consecutively worse. I have calibrated it and still no better. Any ideas?

  6. I’ve been using Cricut for a good number of years. Mostly I create my own projects, many times using DS images as a start. I’ve trouble locating a specific project that I created long ago – such as a Christmas Card. I’ve hunted for a search function for MyProjects, I’ve provided feedback requesting a search function – but so far, I don’t see that added feature. Am I missing it? Is there a work-around method to search for a project I created long ago besides scrolling thru the many projects? Thanks.

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