Design Space Project: Halloween Coloring Card Favors

These fun Halloween Coloring Card Favors are an easy project to make for great “non-candy” gifts this fall. Here are a few tips and tricks to customize this draw then cut project and make the most of your materials.

Customizing the Project

You can certainly make the project using one color pen, but I love my Cricut Glitter Gel Pens and want to use a couple of them on these cards.

To change the pen color, select the image or text you want to change, and then click on the box next to the Linetype (It will say “Draw” there.) Then, select the color. Because I’m using a Cricut pen, the exact color will be available. It’s not important that you have the same pen or color, but that you change the color so that the machine will stop and prompt you to change pens.

Cutting the Cards

SAVE your project. After clicking “Make It,” I’m on the Prepare screen.

I want to make two sets of these, and so I increased the project copies to two, and clicked, “Apply.”

I have loads of white 8.5″x 11″ cardstock, and so I will change the material size from the default 12″x 12″ size to letter size.

Design Space will move images to conserve material, but it won’t rotate them. It’s possible to make adjustments in the design screen, but I prefer to deal with this in the Prepare screen so I don’t make changes to my design that have to be undone later.

Click and hold the circular arrow to rotate the image 90 degrees. Now there is room for another card on the page.

On the left side of the screen, select the next mat. (Mat number two in this case.)

On this mat, click the three dots and select “Move to another mat.”

Select the first (previous) mat.

The image will need to be rotated and moved on the new mat. Repeat this process with the other mats.

You will end up with some blank mats, but don’t worry, these mats will disappear once you hit “Continue.”

Make sure the first mat is selected on the cut screen.

The machine will pause, and Design Space will prompt you to change pens when it’s ready for the next color.

Finished Project

Here is the link to my project:

Here’s a short video demonstrating this process:

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