St. Patrick’s Day Projects

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We really like St. Patrick’s Day at our house since “Patrick” is a family name, and I’d thought I’d share some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day projects.

Lori Whitlock has a great selection of St. Patrick’s Day cards, and they are quick and easy to do.

I used Cricut Glitter Cardstock on this Shamrock Bobble Card. The wobble underneath the shamrock adds a fun element. You can get the action wobble springs on Amazon.

I also used a wobble on this Leprechaun Bobble Head Card for my niece. It’s another Lori Whitlock design.

The St. Patrick’s Jar Pop Up Box Card from Lori Whitlock is very easy, and I used Write then Cut to create the lines on the jar.

I just love vintage trucks, and so this St. Patrick’s Truck Pop Up Box Card is one of my favorites to make. I followed along with Lori Whitlock’s videos when I was first learning to make this style card, and I got the hang of them very quickly.

The Clover Treat Basket is a free design from Dreaming Tree is quick to make, and I’m planning to send a treat to my son’s teacher in it. I found some brads on Amazon that were perfect for attaching the handle.

I designed this card myself for my grandmother-in-law, using an excerpt from the Prayer of St. Patrick. Then I used FontLab Pad to generate the text and then upload to Design Space as an image. There are some nice shamrock images included in the Cricut Access subscription that could be used for this.

I hope these ideas are helpful! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here

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