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I saw an article recently about what to do with all the holiday cards you receive. The article said to punch a hole in each one and put them on a large loose leaf binder ring to make them easy to keep together and look through. Of course, I immediately began to think of a way to use my Cricut for this project!

I decided to keep it simple and make a laminated card with the year to go on the ring. Hopefully, I’ll go back and do this for previous years’ card collections.

Supply List

Project Set Up and Assembly

I got the “2018” image off of the Days and Dates image set included in Cricut Access. I sized it to just over six inches. Then, I put a rectangle behind it and attached a circle so the Cricut will cut a hole for the loose leaf ring. I used regular white cardstock for the rectangle and Cricut Pearl Paper for the year. You could also do this as a print then cut to make it even easier.

I used my tape runner to attach the year to the cardstock and sent it through the laminator.

After laminating, I used a single hole punch to punch out the laminate where the hole is.

All that was left was to put it on the ring full of holiday cards!

Here’s the link to this quick and easy project:

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