Merry Everything Digital Set

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I bought the Merry Everything image set last year, and I really like the clean look of the designs on it. 

I have always loved decorating with nutcrackers at Christmastime. I made this Nutcracker Gifts card recently.

Here are the materials I used:

This card can get thick quickly, especially with glitter cardstock. The pearl paper is quite thin and helps reduce the bulkiness.

The Warm Wishes Snow Globe Card is another nice card that goes together quickly. The sentiment on the front could be changed by hiding the cut lines with the contour function and adding then attaching new text.

Warm Wishes Snow Globe Card #M1159DBC Merry Everything

I used the Jingle Bell Ornament from Merry Everything as a tag for teacher gifts. I put the gold foil cardstock face down on the mat and used the write then cut feature to write the text on the back.

Jingle Bell Ornament #M1134EF7 Merry Everything
The image set also includes a card with this image.

There are also several stand up figures included that would make a great activity for children.

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