Customizing an Uploaded SVG File in Cricut Design Space

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I’m a big fan of Lori Whitlock’s designs, and I enjoy doing an airplane-themed birthday card every year for my brother-in-law who is a commercial airline pilot. I saw this slider card on Lori Whitlock’s site and just had to make it for him. I will often purchase a design and make changes to it in Design Space to suit my preferences. While this card may look difficult, I think you’ll find that it comes together quickly and easily.

fullsizeoutput_2978-imp (1)

Supply list:

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.53.41 PM-imp

All the pieces of Lori Whitlock’s SVGs come in one file. Once you bring it into Design Space, ungroup the main group. Save your project. (I like to upload the included JPEG of the finished project into the file for a reference. If you do that, remember to hide it before cutting.)

Airplane Slider 1 Ungroup-imp

Since SVGs made by outside designers have to be formatted to work in different programs, there will be some adjustments that are needed or wanted once the project is on the canvas in Design Space. One thing to note is that outside files will usually have score lines that are dashed cut lines. These lines need to be attached (they are often already grouped), or you can delete them and replace with solid score lines that the scoring stylus or wheel can score for you. Dashed cut lines will look better with solid core card stock.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 3.22.46 PM-imp

I’m not going to make the envelope since I have a huge stash of A2 envelopes, and so I’ll hide it.

The slider piece has scoring lines. These are cut with a dashed line. I don’t think they’re necessary and might weaken the flaps, and so I delete them.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 2.39.29 PM-imp

The pull tab needs to be flattened for print then cut. The score cut line will go away, but I’d rather score it by hand on my scoring board.

The plane also needs to be flattened. I changed the colors before I flattened to somewhat match the livery of my brother-in-law’s airline. If I was going to use the included sentiment, I would need to flatten that as well, but I’m going to let the Cricut write a sentiment for me, and so I’ll delete or hide it. (Click here for more on flattening.)

I insert and attach written text on the outside piece as well has the inside of the card base. I’m using the Dusty Spurs font. I attach the score line to the card base at the same time I attach the text. (Click here for more on attaching written text.)

Lori Whitlock shows how to assemble a slider card in her video, but I’ll give a few tips on how I put this one together.


The slider has two pieces that need to be stuck together. I use two strips of 1/4″ double stick tape since I have that on hand, but 1/2″ tape would be ideal.


Next, I score the pull tab, put mini glue dots on the back of it, and stick it to the slider. I save the glue dot backing so I can use it in a later step.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 10.21.56 PM

Put the slider piece behind the card front and pull the tabs through. Fold the tabs out flat against the card. Next, take the small rectangle and glue it down. I use a Zig glue pen to put a tiny bit of glue on the tabs and put the glue dot backing between the tab and the card to keep any excess glue off the card. Tiny glue dots would also work.


While the glue dries, I prepare the embellishments. You can ink the cloud edges now, if desired. I use glue dots on three of the clouds and a 3D foam square on the middle one to give a little dimension. You can also use Glossy Accents to give the windows some shine and dimension.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 10.49.32 PM

I use 1/4″ tape to attach the card front to the card base. Lori recommends making sort of a track on either side of the slider.


Once the front is attached, put the clouds on, making sure the cloud with the foam square isn’t in the “flight path.” Put two 1/4″ foam squares on the slider tab and attach the plane.


All finished and ready to fly!


Here’s my video tutorial about this project:

The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

2 thoughts on “Customizing an Uploaded SVG File in Cricut Design Space

  1. Lydia, Does the slider flap and the plane have to be print then cut or is that just the choice you made? I was thinking you could just have the Cricut pen write the pull and arrow. Is there a reason this assumption is incorrect. Just wondering. thanks. love your tutorials. Mary

    1. Both pieces are meant to be print then cut. You could do write then cut for the pull tab, but you are going to have to delete the font and replace it with a writing style font. It would take a lot of time working out the spacing and positioning on the tab. The plane would be almost impossible to piece. It’s at least 20 different pieces. If you could get it to cut correctly, it would take hours to put together.

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