Free Valentine Tea Light Holder from Dreaming Tree

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I wanted to make something to encourage someone this week, and this free Valentine Tea Light Holder from Dreaming Tree is a perfect little gift that is easy to make.

Supplies I used:

There’s no assembly video on the Dreaming Tree site for this tea light holder, but I think you’ll find it goes together really easily. Here are some tips:

When you have everything cut out, you’ll have two base pieces, two side pieces, and two hearts.

I used clear gel glue to put the hearts on while everything is still flat. I use liquid glue for this so I can adjust it before it dries.

When doing a 3D project, I like using glue dots to hold key spots together because they hold so well. I used mini glue dots on the corner tabs. Fold the tabs and sides in on the score lines.

Once the sides are in place, it’s time to put the square piece on. (The square piece will be the bottom of the base.) I used 1/4″ double-sided tape to adhere the square.

I put 1/8″ double-sided tape on the flaps of the side pieces while they were still flat.

The next step is to put the side pieces together carefully so the edges all line up.

I put four medium glue dots on the base and stuck the box to the top.

I used some tissue paper for the inside because that’s what I had on hand. You could use some crinkle shredded paper or even cut vellum square for the sides. The battery-operated tea light makes it a lovely little centerpiece or mantel decoration.

Here’s a link to this freebie from Dreaming Tree.

Happy crafting!

The above post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here

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