Free Design Space Images of the Week

Each week, a different set of images is free to cut in Design Space. This week’s free images are from the Doodletype image set, which is not included in Cricut Access. You can save any projects you design with these images, but they will only be free to cut until November 1, when a new set of images will be available to cut.

To find this week’s free images, go to Images>Categories>Free this Week.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 11.10.39 AM

Any Ready to Make projects that include the free images of the week will also be free to cut this week. Click on “Projects,” and you’ll usually find projects you can make with this week’s free images near the top.


I made this Ready to Make “Thanks” card with a winter theme that could be used for a Christmas gift thank you note.


I swapped out the heart with a snowflake that is also in the Doodletype image set. Happy crafting!

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